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Some of the most beautiful and amazing tourist spots are the coastal cities like St. Lucia, Antigua, Jamaica and Bahamas. These cities are full of exotic natural beauty. The beaches of these places are so beautiful that it has been considered as a picturesque paradise. The tourist attractions of St. Lucia are so interesting and attractive that you should come to this place on a vacation. You will come across so many things to do in St. Lucia like going scuba diving, snorkeling, water sports and many other things.

Caribbean islands like Bahamas and Antigua are also very attractive tourist destinations. It has been considered as the fantasy island for many tourists who want to spend some quality time with their family on vacation. So, you should always try to visit this place on your vacations. You will come across so many tourist attractions like the butterfly sanctuary, underwater paintings, coral reefs, sea life, etc in this beautiful place.

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